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Word Flow (Cards)

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Get Your Child’s Past Their Quran Recitation Struggles Once and for All

Is your child struggling to recite the Quran fluently?

Are they staggering their way through words?

Children read in two ways. One way is by spelling each letter and sound and the other way is by instant visual recognition of a word.

Word Flow accelerates your child's recognition of highly frequent words in the Quran and speeds up their recitation in the process. Here’s how:

  • Word Flow contains high-frequency words that will familiarize your child with words that repeatedly occur in the Quran.
  • Each word is isolated on a card in large text allowing it to be easily committed to visual memory and recalled during Quran reading and thereby speeding up recitation.
  • Word Flow also contains different variations of the words which help to familiarize child with different versions of the word and how they appear. This allows them to cover many more words that occur in the Quran.
  • Each card contains the meaning of the word which promotes understanding.
  • Word Flow can be used as a game, ensuring your child is having fun as well as learning at the same time.
  • This product is ideal for slow readers and beginners as it helps familiarize them with words that frequently occur in the Quran.

Word Flow has been used by many children across the globe and has helped them become more fluent in reading the Quran. It has also been used by madrasahs with students who have finished Qaida and have started reading the Quran directly. It contains 92 carefully selected high-frequency words from the Noble Quran.


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